Foundations play a crucial role in any building’s structural integrity. Consequently, if a crack begins to develop on any basement walls or floors, it’s crucial to find a way to fix it as soon as possible.

One of the most commonly used methods to remedy foundation issues in Adelaide is through underpinning. However, this process is intricate and requires the competent skills of a professional. This blog post looks at the considerations one should make when choosing the right professional to install your underpinning system.


When looking for a professional to install your underpinning system, it’s essential to conduct thorough research before settling on any one contractor. For example, you are doing your research on Google.

First you go to Google’s search box and type in Adelaide Underpinning. Refer to the screenshot below.

After clicking the company, you want to take your time checking your prospective contractor’s portfolio, feedback from past clients, and case studies involving projects they have completed. Such research enables you to gain a better understanding of what to expect throughout the project, and it also ensures that you choose, based on merit, not persuasive sales tactics.

How to choose the right underpinning contractor


When selecting a contractor for underpinning services in Adelaide, it’s essential to pick one who possesses the appropriate licensing and insurance. Such paperwork assures you that the contractor is legally permitted to work in the area while his insurance coverage ensures that you are not liable in case unexpected accidents or damage occurs during the project.


Older homes and buildings often require customised underpinning techniques to ensure maximum support and stability. Thus, when choosing a contractor for underpinning services in Adelaide, it’s critical to pick one with significant experience working on projects that require customised underpinning solutions.

Such a contractor will likely have developed an intuitive understanding of various underpinning needs and will tailor the underpinning approach to suit specific worksite requirements expertly.


Underpinning projects often require specialised and unique equipment to carry out the job successfully. When choosing a professional to install your underpinning system in Adelaide, it’s critical to examine the equipment used and ensure that it is both up-to-date and adequate to tackle the job. The right equipment can also make for a more efficient and more precise job, reducing overall project costs.

The equipment needed to underpin a structure in Adelaide will depend mainly on the size and type of foundation employed.

Generally, there are some common items required for most foundations, including excavators, buckets, rakes and shovels for digging trenches; concrete mixers and blacktop mixers for mixing cement and asphalt; wheelbarrows for transporting materials from the site to the foundation; rebar cutters and benders for reinforcing steel rods; hydraulic jacks for lifting heavy loads while working on foundations; jackhammers or pneumatic drillers for breaking up existing concrete slabs; power saws or grinders to prepare surfaces before laying new concrete or asphalt; trowels, chisels, planes and floats used to shape and finish concrete; screeds to level the surface of wet concrete and other related tools. Additional equipment may be needed depending on the underpinning project’s complexity.


Finally, underpinning projects can be relatively expensive and vary significantly depending on the specific site requirements such as soil composition, location, and building type.

However, picking an underpinning contractor in Adelaide based on cost alone is not recommended. Instead, it would be best to try and balance the price considerations against the quality of services being offered.


Choosing the right professional to install your underpinning system in Adelaide is an intricate process. However, by considering the above factors, you can be more confident in the contractor you ultimately choose, and consequently, you can ensure that your home or business remains structurally sound for years to come.

Remember, the best contractors are those who take an individualised approach to each project and who take the time to explain the underpinning approach they intend to use in a clear and transparent manner.

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