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Underpinning Adelaide

Underpinning is a process of strengthening the foundation of your home. This is typically done with an engineered steel beam that often runs at least twice as deep as the length of your house and up to four times as profound for homes around two stories in height. Some buildings require deeper foundations but are generally rare and require special planning permission. Underpinning is a job that requires a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and license.

JR Southern Underpinning Adelaide is fully insured and licensed to carry out all facets of underpinning projects.

Our team is standards compliant, with extensive experience in the industry. If you’re looking for underpinning experts near you in Adelaide, who will go above and beyond to make sure your home is stable – give us a call today!

Underpinning Adelaide

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Underpinning FAQs

The answer is yes. Underpinning also provides extra support for the weight of your house, which widens the margin of safety in your home. This is particularly important if your existing foundation isn’t all that great.

It’s not unusual to find wooden foundations in homes built before 1900, and while they’re sufficient to keep a home standing, they aren’t designed for bearing the load of a modern house, and they’re not braced to support this extra weight.

Yes, absolutely. Underpinning is necessary if your home was built on poor soil or over water if it’s located in an area susceptible to earthquakes or landslides, or you just want to ensure that your foundation is strong enough to bear its weight.

It’s also crucial to renovate your home or replace the foundations of an existing structure with a larger one.

There are generally two types of underpinning:

Excavation under the foundation and Grouting inside the foundation.

Underpinning using excavation works by digging trenches much larger than the width of your foundation and installing bracing walls in these trenches. The bracing walls are usually sandstone-filled steel frames, with the bottom of the structure placed at least 100mm below your current foundation level.

Once these bracing walls are properly installed, concrete and steel beams are inserted and replaced with a more extensive foundation. Just like your existing foundation, this is done around the perimeter of your home and must raise at least 30cm above the surrounding ground level.

Because excavation underpinning cuts into the ground along most of your existing foundation, it can be pretty disruptive to both you and your neighbours as well as to underground utilities.

If you’re looking at an excavation underpinning, make sure to speak with your neighbours and utility companies before beginning. They may need to accommodate the work, which could also affect their costs.

Hydro excavation is high pressured water and a vacuum. It’s an efficient method that digs holes without disturbing services and with minimal vibration to the property. This non-invasive technique allows us to get the job done quickly and cleanly. It also allows us to reach parts of a property where other methods may not.

Whether it be tight access or long distance, it won’t be a problem. Extended suction and gerni hoses get us where we need to be.

The areas of the property that require underpinning are prepared by either removing concrete, pavers or decorative stone etc.

A hole is excavated to a measurement of one square meter below the existing foundation level and mass filled with high strength 32mpa concrete.

The areas will then be reinstated back to their original state.

Grouting is a pretty straightforward process of injecting concrete into your foundation for additional strength and support.

The type of grouting underpinning you need will depend on the material used for building your foundation, the soil conditions around it and whether they have been improved over time.

Most homeowners use concrete grouting, although some prefer using resin which is commonly used in coastal areas where saltwater can corrode concrete.

Unless you’re an expert who knows what you’re doing, it’s best to call in a structural engineer to inspect and design the underpinning works for you.

Your options will depend on the type of soil around your foundation and what will last in that environment without adding too much weight to the structure.

We can mix and match materials. In most cases, your existing foundation will be left in place and new materials used to fill in the gaps or create a stronger, more significant foundation.

We typically use concrete to secure your foundation.

When you need to find a company that specialises in underpinning, we are here for you.

We cover Adelaide wide and have been serving homeowners for many years. We are licensed and insured, and we have many happy clients who can testify to our workmanship.

The biggest thing to watch out for is the use of inferior materials that could corrode or break down over time.

At JR Southern Underpinning we make sure the underpinned concrete is at least 6 inches thick and comes with a warranty.

If you choose resin, we make sure it’s used with a properly cured foundation on all sides of your home.

We check cracks in the grouting both before and after underpinning. Any visible or invisible cracks can lead to further damage down the line so we’re always on the lookout during inspections.

If you’re looking for underpinning specialists near you in Adelaide, who will go above and beyond to ensure your home will remain 100% stable – give us a call today!