Concrete is widely used in buildings, structures, and foundations due to its strength and durability. However, over time, concrete can develop cracks, fissures, and other forms of damage that require repair.

Concrete repairs can range from simple DIY fixes to complex repair jobs that require professional attention. This blog post will explore the different types of concrete repairs and what each involves.

Cosmetic Repairs:

Cosmetic repairs address small areas of damage that do not affect the structural integrity of the concrete. They are often done for aesthetic purposes, such as enhancing the appearance of a building or structure. Cosmetic repairs usually involve filling the damage with a cementitious or polymer-based repair material that matches the original concrete’s colour and texture.

Spot Repairs:

Spot repairs are ideal for small to medium-sized areas of damage. Structural repairs involve chipping out and replacing the damaged concrete with a similar aggregate mixture. The area is then smoothed and levelled to match the surrounding surface.


Resurfacing is ideal for extensive areas of damage, such as concrete slabs or driveways. Resurfacing involves removing the uppermost layer of the damaged concrete and then pouring a new layer of concrete or overlay material. The new surface is then coloured, textured, or stamped to match the surrounding surface.

Concrete Underpinning:

Underpinning is an extensive repair job that stabilises or replaces the concrete foundation. Underpinning is done when the damage or cracking of the concrete is beyond repair. The process involves excavating the foundation alongside a small strip of damaged concrete and digging to a stable soil base. The foundation is then reinforced, and new concrete is poured to replace the removed section.

Cracks Repairs:

Cracks in the concrete may appear due to various factors, such as age, exposure to temperature changes, moisture, or heavy loads. The extent of the damage will determine the type of repair required. Superficial hairline cracks can be filled with an epoxy or cementitious filler, while larger cracks may require routing and filling with an appropriate sealant.


Whether you need simple cosmetic repairs or extensive foundation underpinning, it is crucial to hire a professional contractor to assess the extent of the damage and recommend the right repair job.

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