If you’re a homeowner in Adelaide and your house needs restumping, you must know a few things before starting the restumping process. Restumping your home can be a significant investment, so you want to cover all your bases.

This post will provide you with the top 5 things that any homeowner in Adelaide must know before restumping their home. By the end of this post, you will clearly understand what restumping entails, the possible causes of foundation problems and how to select the best restumping contractor.

What is restumping, and why is it necessary?

Restumping, also known as reblocking, is the process of replacing or repairing stumps or posts that support the foundations of your home. The structural integrity of your home relies heavily on the foundation, and restumping is necessary when stumps rot or become unstable over time due to moisture or pests.

Restumping your home can help ensure your foundation remains solid and stable for years.

Signs that your house needs restumping

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, then it’s possible that you need to restump your house: uneven floors, cracks in walls, doors or windows that don’t open or close correctly, or doors that get stuck. These all indicate that your home’s foundation may be compromised and must be addressed immediately.

Choosing the right restumping contractor

Choosing the right contractor for your restumping project is critical. You want to select a contractor with the necessary experience to do the job right and can provide references and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Getting a quote from professional restumping experts is critical to ensure you know the amount to invest in getting the job done, the time frame, and the scope of work.

Lastly, ensure that the contractor you choose has adequate public liability insurance to cover damage to your home during restumping.

Permitting and council regulations

Before starting the restumping process, you must check with your local council if any permits are required. Obtaining permits from the council can be lengthy, but ensuring that your restumping project complies with council regulations and guidelines is essential. Contact John at JR Southern Underpinning if you need help or more information on this aspect.

Be aware of additional costs.

Restumping your home is a significant investment, and although obtaining quotes from multiple contractors will help to ensure you are getting the best possible price, there may be additional costs.

Additional costs can include the removal of existing stumps, excavation work or any damage to the home during the restumping process. At JR Southern Underpinning, we transparently outline these additional costs before starting work.

If you are in Adelaide, and looking for professional, insured, licensed and reliable home restumping experts, contact John at JR Southern Underpinning.